Enhancing lives through Friendship, Enrichment and Charity.

SIWA provides opportunities for women from around the world to meet, find friends, learn about each other’s culture, and improve the lives of those less fortunate in Korea.

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SIWA offers a broad range of opportunities for participants to enhance lives through friendship, enrichment, and charity. Pre-registration is required for most events. For specific event details, click on the links below, go to the monthly Calendar or view all in a list format.

  • Enrichment Showcase in January and September

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SIWA Environmental Policy

We at SIWA are committed in taking the efforts to reducing and minimizing our environmental burden.

These are the concrete steps and actions we are taking:

  • We do not use or offer plastic water bottles in our major events like Coffee Mornings, Luncheons or Charity Gala
  • In our board meetings we encourage our leaders to bring their own tumblers and water bottles, we do not offer free parking, and encourage our leaders to take public transportation
  • Our major events are arranged near subway stations for easy reachability by public transportation
  • We are reducing printing waste by designing our printed event materials more in a way so that they can be reused in next events
  • We sell eco-bags to help reducing plastic waste

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You can download SIWA brochure in PDF form here.

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