Dear SIWA Members,

Greetings from the 2019 Nominating Committee!

All SIWA members are invited to participate in the 2019 Executive Officers nomination process and election. A member may self-nominate and nominate candidates. We encourage members to become candidates. Putting aside formalities, serving in a leadership role is also a wonderful way to make lasting friendships, take advantage of learning and growth opportunities for yourself, and make a contribution to the Seoul community during your time in Korea. If you are not ready to be an officer, consider volunteering one of many non-elected leadership roles. You will also gain experience that prepares you for SIWA’s elected leadership roles in the future.  

Members will vote for Executive Officers at the Annual General Meeting.  We urge all members to attend the AGM. SIWA requires a quorum of 30 members to hold the election.

The Nominating Committee is charged with two tasks: to nominate a slate of candidates for the 2019 Executive Committee and to facilitate the nomination and election process.  SIWA bylaws establish the confidential nominating process, some of which is time driven. The schedule for 2019 is as follows:

February 21    Last day for members to submit nominations to be considered for inclusion on the slate of candidates supported by the Nominating Committee.

By March 7 The Nominating Committee announces a slate of candidates nominated for the Executive Committee.

March 14  Last day for members to submit additional nominations for executive officer positions.

March 21 Elections are conducted during the Annual General Meeting.


Officers on the SIWA Executive Committee begin their terms on May 1st and  may serve in each position for up to three years. They also serve on the SIWA Board along with the non-elected chairs of the Standing Committees.  The executive officer positions include:


The President is the chief administrative officer of SIWA and chair of the Board of Directors. She is an ex-officio member of all SIWA committees except the Nominating Committee. While not performing the actual work, the president has the ultimate responsibility to ensure the functions and activities of each committee are carried out in accordance with SIWA bylaws and policies.


The Board Administrator maintains the records of the Board, ensures effective management of SIWA records, and is responsible for all aspects of planning Board meeting and activities. She also manages all Google tools, such as Google Groups and Google Drive.


Three Vice Presidents coordinate and oversee the functions of assigned Standing Board Committees. At least one Vice President speaks and writes in Korean fluently and acts as liaison with the Korean community at large. One of the Vice Presidents will assume the President’s job function if that becomes necessary.

Vice President, Brand Communications

Responsible for the development of SIWA’s brand communication strategy and contributes to the organization’s overall strategic planning process. She will develop a world-class brand management plan for SIWA, directly managing activities that promote, enhance, and protect the organization’s brand reputation. Manages and collaborates with Social Media Team, Public Relations and digital communications managers.

Vice President, Operations

Responsible for all systems and processes. She is in charge of all internal communication systems between SIWA leaders and external communications systems from SIWA leaders to SIWA members.

Manages and collaborates with Membership, Newcomers, Tours, Interest Groups and Hospitality and the webmaster.

Vice President, Fundraising

Responsible for managing all fundraising efforts on behalf of SIWA, including but not limited to sponsorship and special events including the Gala and the Diplomatic Bazaar. She is further responsible for developing fundraising strategy that will better position SIWA within the corporate domain in Korea.

Manages and collaborates with Special Events and Sponsorship.


The Treasurer monitors and manages the financial position of SIWA. She oversees the financial administration including receipts, disbursements, and performance against budget. She is responsible for all SIWA financial accounts.  Two treasurers may be elected to share the responsibilities of this position.

By the direction of the president, the nominating committee forms early in January to facilitate the transition of SIWA’s leadership. The committee is multinational.  Members were selected from the general membership and from across SIWA’s many committees. The Nominating Committee independently reviews and approves a slate of officer candidates for the coming year (May, 2019 – April 2020).   SIWA members serving for 2019 are Barbara Bei, Brenda Cabrera, Robin Carney, Sweta Gorthi, Sejung Jang, Kunghee Park, and Lissa Miner.

If you are interested in a position, want to nominate a candidate please contact the committee chair, Lissa Miner at