To all SIWA members,

Summer is usually the time when many people get ready for their next adventures: back to school, new job, or life in a new country, for example. If you just moved to Seoul and joined SIWA, welcome!

Six years ago, SIWA partnered with Conrad Seoul when the hotel first opened. We were offered great rates to hold events at Conrad and developed a great business relationship. Regrettably, our overall venue price increased without expanded service since last year. For this reason, the SIWA board decided to host some of our events at other locations with better value. While we will maintain our partnership with Conrad, we are pleased to announce that we will move our three Coffee Mornings and the Charity Gala to Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. This change is a part of our ongoing effort to improve the SIWA membership experience.

SIWA is run 100% by volunteers and all proceeds go to our Welfare Fund. Last year we donated 67.5 million won to more than 10 charities. To expand our fundraising efforts, we will adjust the non-member price of events. As always, pre-registered members will be asked to pay only the exact cost of organizing that event. By communicating more clearly the value of price adjustment, we hope to increase the participation of members and non-members in the year ahead.

We will monitor these initiatives closely and make refinements and improvements according to the feedback we receive from our members. SIWA is grateful for your support. By coming together at this juncture, our community will continue our collective mission of enhancing lives through friendship, enrichment and charity.

Yours Sincerely,

Veronica Koon
President of SIWA