Dear fellow members,

This month I begin my term as the President of SIWA with delight as well as worry. I am excited about all the opportunities coming ahead but also expect a lot of accompanying challenges. I will do my best to make sure that our mission of Enhancing Lives Through Friendship, Enrichment and Charity is going to be achieved. To do so, I will need the support of my fellow Executive Committee members: Johanna Widmann, Bockhee Lee, Berenice Bojorquez, Vibha Mehta, Nicolette Skyers, Flory Schrader, and our Welfare Committee Chair, Sunghwa Han. Thank you for your friendship and I hope to continue working hard together as we did during my time as Special Events Chair.

Let me take this opportunity to show my appreciation for the tremendous accomplishments of Robin Carney, our outgoing President. Robin, you are an inspiration. I have been moved by your modesty and commitment to diversity. You provided us with a clear sense of mission and direction. I am going to keep developing the philanthropy project you initiated for KUMFA and we will continue having fun as we did in Itaewon Global Village Festival. Your legacy will live on in our hearts and in the lives of those you touched.

Finally, I am always grateful to our SIWA volunteers. Every SIWA charitable or fundraising event has been made possible thanks to your time and dedication to our causes. Our highly-successful Gala is a testament to what SIWA is capable of when our members and volunteers come together. I ask for your continued support as well as criticism if you would like to see anything done differently.

Thank you.