ELIGIBILITY: Students in grades 7–12 enrolled at

1) International Schools: Seoul Foreign School, British Education Korea, Dwight School Seoul
2) Korean/multicultural schools: All Love School, Asia Community School, Haemil School, The Future Classroom

For Juniors (grades 7–8, or British School years 8–9): CHOOSE ONE

  • Imagine you are visiting planet Earth from another planet. How do you see us treating our planet and preserving or not preserving it for future generations? What advice would you give for the inhabitants of planet Earth to shape a better future? How can we be more sustainable by our everyday choices and decisions?
  • Tourism can be a heavy burden on the environment. How can we travel and spend our
    holidays in a sustainable way while enjoying a fun vacation?
  • How do you think schools could take a better lead in educating children to be more
    sustainable and showing a good example?

For Seniors (grades 9–12, or British School years 10–13): CHOOSE ONE

  • Should people who own cars pay more taxes because of the pollution their cars cause to the environment? How can we make public transportation more attractive option for
    those who typically drive their own cars?
  • Which environmental activist, policy or company, that implemented change to positively
    impact the environment, do you find inspiring and why?
  • What are, in your opinion, the three or four most important steps to be done today to reverse
    the environmental damage caused by humans? What are the responsibilities of governments,
    companies and businesses, and people? How bad is today’s consumerist life style and what
    did you (or what would you) personally give up to help the environment?

PRIZES in Junior and Senior categories for both International and Korean/multicultural schools:

  • 1st Place (junior) – 300,000 KRW to be donated to a SIWA-vetted Korean charity of the winner’s choice – certificate of recognition presented at SIWA celebration
  • 1st Place (senior) – 500,000 KRW to be donated to a SIWA-vetted Korean charity of the winner’s choice & certificate of recognition presented at SIWA celebration
  • 2nd & 3rd Place (both junior & senior) – certificate of recognition

SIWA will donate in the winners’ names to a SIWA-vetted charity of their choice. The winners will be invited to SIWA’s event on March 18, and winning essays will be published in SIWA’s website.


  • Essay word limit: 1,500 words, Essays must be typed, double-space in English.
  • Deadline to submit essays: February 9
  • Essays can be submitted to essaycontest@siwakorea.com.
    They must include the student’s name, school, grade, email address and phone number.
    Essays must be students’ own work. Plagiarized essays will be disqualified and not eligible for prize

A panel of judges led by SIWA will score the essays. Areas of evaluation (in an order of importance): how well is the topic addressed, how creative and original the thoughts presented in the essay are, organization/structure, and grammar.

For more information please email essaycontest@siwakorea.com.

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