It’s almost business as usual for SIWA. Although the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions resulted in most of the social gatherings being put on hold, things are slowly getting back to normal, albeit with caution. By adopting all safety measures proposed by the relevant authorities, the organisation has begun to resume their much-anticipated Coffee Mornings, where women get together to learn about and discuss a diverse range of topics. The latest event revolved around a very topical subject in the media at present, cryptocurrency.

Since the latest ‘crypto buzz’ is more specifically around Bitcoin, some of the questions that were raised in Thursday’s discussion included, “is Bitcoin a solid investment?” and, “does Elon Musk really have any influence on Bitcoin’s market value?” Ten masked, sanitised and socially distanced women were eager to hear what Dr Carolina Rios had to say on this subject. Carolina, a SIWA member herself, holds a doctorate in Law from Korea University and completed her dissertation in crypto assets. She laid out the fundamentals of crypto; together with terminology, ‘myth busters’ and market data to get her audience up to speed.

Carolina’s wealth of knowledge, insight and expertise was perfectly encapsulated in her well executed presentation. This is exactly what is needed to empower more women with the tools, knowledge and confidence to invest. Even amidst a pandemic, it is refreshing to see how women are able to come together, educate and uplift one another.