Rights and Responsibilities of SIWA Board Members

Taken directly from Robert’s Rules of Orders by which we constitutionally adhere to.


Parliamentary law protects the rights of members to be dealt with fairly and equitably.  This encourages everyone’s co-operation and the timely order of business. Following are the member rights guaranteed under parliamentary law:

  • Receive notices of meetings.
  • Attend meetings.
  • Make motions.
  • Second motions (when they need a second).
  • Debate motions (when they can be debated).
  • Vote on motions (except those on which the person has a conflict of interest).
  • Nominate people for office.
  • Be nominated for office.
  • Elect people for office in the organization.
  • Be elected to office.
  • Know the meaning of the question people are debating.
  • Object when rules are being violated.
  • Appeal a decision of the chair.
  • Not have to suffer personal abuse and attack.
  • Receive the treasurer’s report.
  • Get a copy of the organization’s by-laws.


Along with rights come responsibilities. For a meeting to function smoothly under parliamentary law, members must have specific obligations as well. When all members understand their duties as part of a team, business will be accomplished with much greater ease. Following are the responsibilities of members under parliamentary law:

  • Attend meetings.
  • Be on time.
  • Stay until the end of the meeting.
  • Be ready to talk knowledgeably and intelligently on a topic.
  • Be attentive.
  • Be open-minded.
  • Treat everyone with courtesy.
  • Speak openly, but also let others have their turn to speak.
  • Follow the rules of debate.
  • Make a point concisely.
  • Attack issues, not people.
  • Insist on law and order at meetings.
  • Work to create dignity and decorum.
  • Participate actively in the meetings.
  • Work with others in a co-operative fashion.
  • Be familiar with the basic rules of parliamentary law.
  • Obey the rules of the organization.
  • Pay all dues and assessments.
  • Respect the rights of others.
  • Abide by the final decision of the majority.
  • Bring in or recommend new members.
  • Be familiar with the organization’s by-laws.
  • Select well-qualified officers.
  • Participate in committees.
  • Vary committee work.
  • Respect the chair’s opinions and rulings.
  • Promote the organization’s growth and influence.
  • Enhance the organization’s reputation.

Please also note that when desiring the floor you must address the Chairperson (in our case the President).

As a SIWA Board member you are also expected to:

  • Acknowledge the receipt of all emails sent by Board members.
  • Attend Coffee mornings regularly.
  • Attend Board meetings regularly. If unable to attend please notify the Board Administrator well in advance.
  • Go out on town with the rest of the Board, on a date to be agreed upon, and enjoy yourself tremendously.

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