Annual SIWA Charity Gala

Mark your calendars for Friday, April 17th – Its GALA time!

Join us for an exciting evening of cocktails, fine dining, entertainment, raffle prices, dancing and more at the 2020 charity gala with the theme “Celebrating fashion and diversity across the ages”.

The event will be held at Four Seasons Hotel from 6h30pm to 10h30pm.

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2019 SIWA Gala Beneficiaries

2019 Gala net proceeds will benefit the following 3 charities.

The SIWA Annual Charity Gala is the second largest fundraising event after the SIWA & Diplomatic Community Bazaar. Net proceeds from the evening are donated to support local charities in Korea.

2019 Gala raised funds worth 24,010,000 KRW.

Hamil School  (해밀학교)

Haemil School, established in 2013, is an alternative boarding school for middle and high school students from various ethnic backgrounds. More than half of students have mixed ethnic backgrounds, mostly children of a Korean father and a mother from other parts of Asia. Some came after struggling to blend in at regular schools, often getting into trouble or being taunted at school; others came straight from China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia or America. And, while the students go through challenges and difficulties, cultural difference is no longer what separates them – it’s what brings them together, no matter what kind of family they were born into. The school provides an environment conducive to learning not only about assimilating to Korea but also maintaining individual ethnic identity.

Oak Tree Project (OTP)

Oak Tree Project (OTP) provides a scholarship fund and mentoring program for aged-out children from welfare homes who get into college. Children from welfare homes are completely on their own after they graduate from high school. Whether they choose to find work or attend college, they are in great need of financial and emotional support. OTP mentors support and guide them to succeed by encouraging them to work hard, and also keeping them accountable until they graduate. OTP was formed in 2013 and accepted its 7th class of students in 2019. They currently have raised enough funds to retain their 18 returning students and offer scholarships to 2 new students.

Sunshine Drop-in Center (햇살보금자리)

Sunshine Drop-in Center was established by the Yeongdeungpo Industrial Mission Association in 2006, however they began their homeless outreach program in 1998 after the IMF crisis left many people jobless and homeless. The center provides 24-hours open temporary shelter and emergency assistance for homeless adults. In addition, it provides services to help these adults develop skills necessary to regain independence and life as healthy, productive adults. The center runs various programs including job training and placement counseling, emotional and physical recovery sessions, and community and housing program.

2019 Highlights

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