An exciting evening filled with sumptuous food, drinks, a spectacular fashion show, musical entertainment, dancing, prizes, and much more await you at the SIWA Annual Charity Gala!  Net proceeds from the evening support 3 worthy charities in Korea.

AGIT Sintesi

AGIT Sintesi is a project for homeless children, which was launched 9 months ago. ‘AGIT’ (A지T) freely translated means, ‘The bus who cares for children.’ They provide food, clothes, counseling and just a bit of fun for the boys and girls who live their lives on the streets of Korea. By supporting these children with basic necessities AGIT endeavors to preserve their connection to society and help them recover.

New Light Community

New Light Community began in 2000 as a shelter for people living with HIV/AIDS and their children. Their vision enables people living with HIV/AIDS to return to society as productive members with a healthy acceptance of who they are; healed psychologically and physically, and renewed in spirit.

Rainbow Community

Rainbow Community provides essential services for intellectually-disabled people. A Child Center, Welfare Center, Sheltered Workshop, Group Homes and Speech Therapy Center are just some of the programs Rainbow Community offers to almost 1,500 people. They influenced government policies by demonstrating the success of local community-based services over the old model of segregated and large residential facilities.

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