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Welcome to Seoul International Women’s Association (SIWA), the largest and longest-running international women’s organization in Korea!

Since 1962, SIWA has been a place where women from around the world could meet, forge friendships, learn about Korea and other cultures, contribute their talents and ideas, and help improve the lives of those in need.

As many ideas so often are, SIWA was formed around a kitchen table by individuals who were looking to connect to their community and make a difference as they did.

That spirit is as vibrant today as it was more than five decades ago.

With more than 300+ women from ~45 countries, including Korea, our members know that there is always something exciting happening at SIWA and a way for them to get involved – whether it is by connecting with fellow members through our weekly or monthly tours, interest group activities, SIWA Socials, or by contributing their skills – and building new ones – to help run the organization and plan fundraising events.

We invite you to connect to Seoul’s international community with SIWA!


SIWA’s wide variety of activities reflects the diversity of its members. Even SIWA member meetings get creative, as this photo from 1965 shows. More than fifty years later, the fun – and fashion shows – continues. The 2016 SIWA Gala featured an exciting fashion show by HEILL, a couture brand of womenswear and menswear created by Korean fashion designer Heill Yang.


Nearly fifty years ago, a SIWA donation described in this letter made a real difference in the lives of a Korean family whose home was destroyed in a major flood. SIWA’s Welfare Committee continues today to contribute to local charity organizations that provide direct assistance to some of the most vulnerable members and communities in Korea. Between May 2014 and April 2015 alone, SIWA provided more than KRW 133 million to 22 Korean charities.


SIWA Kickoff of the Bazaar


Each year, members dedicate their time and talents to organize the SIWA and Diplomatic Bazaar, a day of celebration and discovery with all proceeds benefiting Korean charities.

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