By Cho Kyung hee(Joy)  11/07/2019

Embassies, clubs, businesses, sponsors, welfare organisations and volunteers take part in the Bazaar, which has become one of the largest international fund-raising events in Seoul.

With regards to the coming 57th SIWA and Diplomatic Community Bazaar can provide all the info needed for the event on the coming 18th of November – and the press release is the one can shared previously(also here attached with flyer).






We’re looking for willing volunteers to help with the 2019 Bazaar – Bazaar planning, supporting with the setup on the day before Bazaar, during the ongoing activities on the day of the event, the wrap-up, or all of the above!

SIWA membership is not required, the event is open to the public. Students, family & friends, and also men are welcome. Certificates are available for students earning volunteer hours.

As we continue in the time-honoured tradition of collaboration between SIWA and the diplomatic community, SIWA leadership team looks forward to working together on the largest international fundraising event in Seoul.

Vendors are invited to participate in the 57th SIWA and Diplomatic Community Bazaar. It’s an opportunity to showcase your business and sell it’s products and services. We are expecting 3,000 people to attend this 4-hour event.

Main members are Welfare Chair, Sunghwa Han; Irene Nuutila, VP Brand Communications; Sejung Jan, PR Chair; Melina Bandeira, Special Event’s Chair, Bockhee Lee, VP Fundraising Chair; and Veronica Koon, Siwa’s president.