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SIWA is a non-profit organization, and 100% staffed by volunteers, who are the driving force behind every step of each SIWA social impact project and community event. This special group of SIWA members put the time and effort to plan, organize, and co-ordinate SIWA and our programs. They bring enthusiasm, joy and expertise to the table, so we all can enjoy the memorable moments of the wide variety of activities, whether it’s the social impact project with our partners and collaborators, a coffee morning among SIWA friends, a Korean speaking club session or a special tour.

We are thankful to our volunteers, who continually carry out our mission to create a community through these experiences, friendships and philanthropic projects.

Board Members

Sunghwa Han

Board Chair & Executive Director at SIWA

President & CEP at RMHC Korea

Brand Strategy & Communication Director Emeritus at SIWA

Sejung Jang

Community Events Director at SIWA

Lawyer at Kim & Chang

Sun Young Shin

Social Impact Director at SIWA

Executive Committee

Sunghwa Han

Board Chair & Executive Director

Sunghwa, our President, joined SIWA in 2016. She has a great deal of experience in musical and creative arts and is a sincere advocate for philanthropy.

Pat Wu


Pat joined SIWA in December 2020 as one of our Treasurers. She gained immense work experience as a procurement project manager at an international company in her home country, Singapore and has a great interest in charitable work.

Sejung Jang

Community Events Director

Sejung joined SIWA in 2017 and she has been an active member of the book club, fundraising events and is currently the Community Events Director.

Jean Kim

Creative Program Director

Jean joined SIWA in 2023. Her cross-cultural experiences has served as a powerful catalyst for developing her global mindset and fostering an appreciation for diverse cultures.

Sun Young Shin

Social Impact Director

Sun joined SIWA’s Executive Committee recently, and she is excited to be working with likeminded people toward bringing forth positive changes.

Administrative and Advisory Team

Joon Eung Lee

Korean Administrative Advisor 

Changwon Chon

legal Advisor 

Brand Design & Technical Team

Irene Nuutila

Director of Administration & Membership 

Yoojin Kwon

graphic desIgner

Volunteering Team

Deepti Badve


Ludy Chung

Coffee Morning Coordinator

Michelle Seungjoo Han

K-Speaking Coordinator

Satoko Mitoma

Parents & Tots Coordinator

Iain Choi

University Student Intern