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Embracing the ethos of “Coming Together to Inspire and Empower,” SIWA is committed to fostering community growth and driving impactful social initiatives. At our core, we champion the values of diversity, inclusion, and unity reflected in all our endeavours. SIWA’s programs and philanthropic projects are created to nurture our communities through innovative, synergistic partnerships, thus positively impacting the broader society.

Our signature projects launched in 2023, include “Coming Together,” a global initiative promoting social impact, community cohesion, and youth empowerment; “In Their Own Words,” a Speaker Series amplifying women’s narratives and experiences; and “SIWA Connect,” a community engagement platform designed to strengthen unity and bolster support networks within the community.

Engaging with diverse partners from diplomatic, international, and local spheres empowers us to advance our mission of supporting disadvantaged and marginalised communities. Notable collaborators in 2023 include the Ambassadors’ Spouses Association of Seoul (ASAS), the Embassy of India, the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) of Seoul, Seoul Foreign School, Dwight School, and the Radcliffe Choral Society.

A significant milestone for SIWA is our successful transition into a nonprofit corporation under the auspices of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in January 2024. We will embark on a new chapter in our journey and carry forward SIWA’s legacy of fostering inclusivity, vibrancy, and positive change within and beyond our communities.

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