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Since 1962, SIWA has been able to realize its vision for the future thanks to the unwavering dedication of the local business community. Today, our sponsors help SIWA fulfill its mission by funding individuals and communities in need across Korea. We thank our sponsors for their extraordinary commitment and loyalty to SIWA. For their leadership support, we would also like to acknowledge the current corporate partners listed below:

A heartfelt thank you to all of our amazing sponsors!

Premium Platinum Sponsors

KRW 10,000,000 Contribution

Gold Sponsors

KRW 6,000,000 Contribution

Additional Sponsorship Levels:

Sponsors are vital partners in SIWA’s mission to help individuals and communities in need across Korea. Through generous contributions, SIWA is able to directly support the good work of numerous local charity organizations and raise awareness of important causes.

Individuals and corporations alike have the power to make an impact on the many lives in the most vulnerable communities. SIWA offers various Ways to Give. Introducing SIWA 2020-21 contains information about SIWA and different levels of benefits for our sponsors. Corporate brands will gain visibility and exposure to more than 300+ SIWA members via numerous online platforms including SIWA’s webpage, social media and e-newsletter.

Our two annual flagship events – the SIWA & Diplomatic Community Bazaar in the fall, and the SIWA Annual Charity Gala in the spring – are eagerly anticipated events that provide a unique promotion opportunity for sponsors. To date, these two events have raised more than KRW 2 billion for local charity organizations.

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